Project Lift

Project Lift Workshop Program

Family Visits

Psychological and Social Evaluation Home visits, psychological evaluation, collection of social and psychological information.

Social Activities

Integration & Adaptation Develop positive relationships between host and migrant community using socio-cultural excursions to link the children and the community they live in.

Community Training

Parent training for needs based understanding and education on how to deal with behavioral challenges of traumatized children.

Team Day

Cooperation Leadership skills, self confidence through team work, collaboration and making healthy choices.

15 Trauma Rehabilition Sessions

Self Exploration Children gain insight about themselves, learn self-control, improve their communication skills, practice resiliency and coping skills for healthy living.

Reading Day

Self Expression Express feelings through creative activities and stories and reinforce skills learned in workshop sessions.

Project Lift ‘Hold my hand’

Project Lift ‘Hold My Hand’. Our project’s first visitors are Syrian refugee children. Working in collaboration with Sultanbeyli Municipality, our first workshop had taken place between December 8-12, 2014 with 60 Syrian refugee children. Following workshops will be annouced at a later date.

With the outbreak of the civil war in Syria in Spring 2011, many refugees fled to Turkey. Today there are over 1.5 million Syrian refugees living in Turkey and over 800.000 of them are children. These children struggle with their memories of war and forced displacement. Not only that but the aftereffects of these experiences often include incresed levels of domestic violence, sexual abuse and being deprived of basic humans needs like shelter, food and medical care.

In addition to all of these problems, the presence of refugees in their host communities causes tensions.

Project Lift ‘ Hold my hand’ is designed to encourage positive relations between locals and refugees and to ensure that the psychological needs of children are addressed.

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart Project is similar in form and implementation with Hold My Hand Project, however it targets a different group of children to work with. Children of poor/deprived families living on the peripheral circle of the cities, children who committed or prone to crime, children living or working on the street, children who have been exposed to violence or trauma for any reason are among the target group of this project.

With Heart Kalbe project, we aim to provide psychological support and healing to children from Turkey who have been exposed to the traumatic experiences. In order to reduce the effects of trauma, we continue to work with visual art, dance-movement and music therapy methods by using the "skills for psychological recovery" model.

Become A Volunteer

We need as many people as possible to hold our hands. Contribute financially to our cause to help ensure its sustainability.


Training for Volunteers

We recruit and train volunteers from psychology departments from a variety of universities. We provide local charities and NGOs working with trauma populations field training in addition to partnering up to do smaller projects together. Some examples to such collaborations would be SosyalBen and Doctors Worldwide.
We give lectures in different high schools, in various communities and present our
project to socially responsible corporations explaining who we are, what we do, why we do it and how they can get involved.

Training for Trauma

Project Lift’scClinical süpervizör provides trauma training to requesting parties. NGOs, universities, social responsibility Project managers can benefit from these custom tailored trainings. Some examples include:

  • How to work with children post trauma ?
  • Use of therapeutic art making in post trauma recovery
  • Curriculum building for working with traumatized children.

Our Future Projects


Support services such as personal and group therapies to children needing immediate intervention during complex emergencies.