Do Not Let a Generation Get Lost!


Famous American channel CBS made news about the Syrian refugee children working in factories in Turkey. Images taken with a hidden camera sadly revealed why Syrian refugee children are defined as a “lost generation”. According to the labor law in Turkey, minimum wage is $ 1300 per month with 7.5 hours of work per day. However, the children between 10 and 12 years of ages are being exploited by working 12 hours in a day and earning only 450 TL per month. Shafik Suleyman now helps these children to learn to read and write at the public school he established.

CBS News interviewed the clinical director of Maya Foundation, Leyla Akca about the news; “Unfortunately, people think that they can make children work extra, because they do not rebel and claim their rights since they do not know their rights. That’s why they are forced to work like slaves, and it is a lot easier to make them work like slaves than adults”

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