“Waking up early in the morning… Getting into the session with the curiosity of the new faces you meet and the new children you will meet …

Waking up early in the morning… Reaching the arrows in Fındıkzade by catching the time of the bus. Because you know there are people who are waiting for you to see you and need you…

Waking up early in the morning… Thinking about the activities that will… To reach the reading of the difficulties you will face, how you will come from above these difficulties and what you will learn from them and how to make you stronger.

Waking up early in the morning… To witness the innocent smile of the hundreds of children and to witness the magic gleam that reflects all the emotions from happiness in their eyes to joy and even fear in the heart and child’s hearts…

All of this and many good moments to add mean the Trauma-Informed Schools project for me. It means giving the child a smile, giving it back to them, and giving space to their hidden talents, their talents and their skills. At the same time helping children means allowing teachers and volunteers to explore their inner world…

I would like to thank the Maya Foundation for this unforgettable experience. I hope that these days will grow even bigger and help you to plant seeds of hope into the lives of more people.

With love and gratitude…”

Balkis Kurbeh

Volunteer in Trauma-Informed Schools Program

“I remember very well the first day I heard the Maya Vakfı and Project Lift. I thought it was one of the ordinary e-mails -often deleted- that the university sent. I do not know what prompted me to open this message, but I am thankful that I open and read it. Everyone from the therapists to the volunteers became a big part of my life and my family. When I first started volunteering, I could not trust myself and I thought I was not good enough to volunteer. But working with children and seeing the smiles on their faces made me forget the burden of all the stress and hard work I had. I still can not believe that almost a year has passed, time has passed like a wind. All I want to say is thank you very much for giving me this chance.”


Montasir Doghmosh

Volunteer in Balat Field Office activities  and Trauma-Informed Schools Program

“Everything was perfect! Thank you very much for giving us this chance. Also for all your trust and interest… It was a great experience for me to be with you. Your approach allows us to connect more and more to the foundation day after day. Thank you so much for all you have done!”

Noura Ammar

Volunteer in Balat Field Office-Group Activities

We celebrated the World Volunteers Day altogether!

For the World Volunteers Day on December 5, we met the volunteers of Maya Vakfı in Balat.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers who share our dreams and support us by heart. So glad we have you!