Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Program

Children who have been exposed to traumatic experiences may lose their ability to cope with challenging situations, and effective communication skills. They may demonstrate aggression and their violence tendencies may increase. Unfortunately, there are no established guidelines for working with children who have suffered losses due to migration and war, and have been exposed to social or personal traumas such as natural disasters. Addressing trauma as early as possible has proven to be more successful than trying to control and restrain behaviours after they become crimes.

Creative art therapy

With the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Program, we strive to help people gain the ability and skills to reduce their stress levels and cope with the negative post-traumatic situations. Aiming to help children cope with trauma, we use the culturally adapted Project Lift program built on the Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR) model and enriched with creative art therapy methods. The SPR model created by the US National Child Traumatic Stress Network and the US National Center for PTSD is used worldwide. Within the scope of Project Lift program, we provide group and individual support, as well as child protection and family counselling services by using visual arts, music, dance and movement therapy techniques.

Creative therapeutic art is a therapy method that motivates and drives people to discover and express their thoughts, emotions, ideas and experiences in a unique and subjective manner through art. Providing relaxation through scribbling technique and transferring emotions on to paper with various materials, playing musical instruments, even learning leadership skills by acting as an orchestra conductor help the participants to let go of intense destructive emotions they may feel. Other techniques and interventions that serve the same purpose include dancing out a thought or feeling or communicating through body movements. And since art is universal, the language barrier is removed, creating new and restorative memories, developing a sense of control and nurturing imagination.