a heartfelt idea


to a foundation…

In 2014, Project Lift came to exist out of the compassion of the young, at the time sixteen-year-old Emir Özsüer had for the fleeing child population. Within a year the project developed so rapidly and gained substantial recognition, to the extent that what initially started as a mental health and psychosocial support program gave rise to an even larger movement with the establishment of a foundation within a year. Founded in 2015, Maya Vakfı’s core activities were shaped with the vision of a productive, free, safe and healthy society of individuals.

Maya Vakfı contributes to the mental, physical and academic development of children and young adults aged between five and eighteen, encouraging and supporting them toward reaching their full potential. Maya takes pride in the importance of freedom of expression, which allows for the creative development and productivity of young individuals. In achieving these goals, we have over time worked closely with both private and public institutions carrying out extensive programs with the contribution of local and international funds. This has allowed us to place disadvantaged and traumatised children at the core of our programs, striving to raise further awareness in order to strengthen both the capacity of the individuals as well as the institutions they interact with. Maya Vakfı combines both the expertise of professionals and the energy of volunteers in order to build a better future.