Capacity Building Programs

For institutions working with disadvantaged groups, we prepare special trainings that can be adapted to their own programs. With these trainings, we aim to increase the sensitivity to trauma and improve the capacity of different people and institutions on mental health and psychosocial support. We also organise support programs for field teams to help them cope with the emotional burnout syndrome they may be experiencing.


The program was created for all employees of the office and field staff primarily Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) units and other humanitarian assistance programs. In order to increase the child protection capacity and to apply the most appropriate procedures, MHPSS needs to be firmly established and field experts should be trained. These trainings aim to ensure that employees are prepared for both emergency situations and that they are protected from the effects of secondary trauma.

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Who can benefit?

All training and capacity building programs are designed specifically for institutions, considering that different institutions have customised requirements addressing the different needs of traumatised communities. For this reason, the first step stands out as a two-stage comprehensive requirement analysis.


At the individual level; MHPSS and humanitarian workers are addressing secondary trauma victims, burnout syndrome and personal needs. On the institutional level, the steps for programs and services, communication management and coordination are evaluated. Based on the results of the initial needs analysis, one or more modules of MHPSS capacity building program are proposed to the interested organisations in line with their needs and desires.