To create a better future together, we combine the expertise of the professionals with the energy of the volunteers. Our volunteers contribute to the execution and dissemination of our projects. At the same time, they personally have the opportunity to explore, learn and develop. Within the scope of the volunteering program, we inform our volunteers about the issues such as our projects, trauma and its effects, and working with children who were exposed to traumatic life events by giving necessary trainings before starting field work. We also provide continous support by receiving and giving feedback on the volunteer experience during field work.

11 volunteer trainings in 3 years

Collaborations with 10+ universities in Istanbul

From 10+ countries 400+ Volunteers

100+ Arabic speakers

Activity Volunteer


Assists therapists and child protection specialists in activities we carry out with children and youth. Engages children into the activities and supports them to accomplish the tasks. Works as a team with the therapists, and helps them before, after and during the workshop. Supports therapists in trainings with parents and teachers.

Arabic Speaker volunteers are of the utmost importance in our projects as activity volunteers since we are working with an Arabic speaking community. In order for us to do our activities, we need translators and ambassadors to help us with the language and cultural gap.

Supporting Volunteer


Communication Volunteer

Provides support for volunteer networking, university relations and communication activities.

Office Volunteer

Supports the office work, organizational issues, and preparation of activity materials.

Social Activity Volunteer

Supports the organization of the social events for the volunteers.