We Attended Bahçeşehir University Trauma and Stress Symposium!


When sharing the experience of being a field worker, generally I was telling about the theoretical and serious parts of the work. This time, sharing the challenges, struggles and the moments it made us smile, reminded me of the pleasure of this work.
Gamze Akarca

Gamze Akarca, the clinical psychologist of the Project Lift team which continues the professional work on trauma, made us proud by participating Bahcesehir University’s “Trauma and Stress Symposium” on April 28th and 29th as a speaker.

College students and professionals working in this field attended the symposium which was held at Besiktas Campus of Bahçeşehir University. Akarca made the presentation titled as “Long-term Field Work and Becoming a Therapist in the Field” in this symposium which embraces the different aspects of trauma and stress.

She explained to the audience, working long-term in the field, its risks, determining the needs assessment of the region and the technical information such as team coordination by sharing the actual experience of our team. Presentation pleased us very much by getting lots of credit for sharing all of those information through real experience and examples which were told in a sincere and objective way.

We were also pleased to see that Dr. Blaise Pierrehumbert who came to Istanbul for the symposium. They were very interested in our presentation and personally came and thanked us.

We, as Maya Foundation, are always happy to participate in such organizations which increase the awareness of people and showing them that they can actively be a part of these social responsibility projects.

We hope to see you in at the next organization.

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